metodo classico

Metodo Classico

Dosaggio Zero

Appellation: Sparkling Wine Champenoise method
Grapes Pecorino

Many winemakers dream of capturing the essence of Pecorino. Tenuta Ulisse Dosaggio Zero has no dosage or added “liqueur d’expédition”. Its true, instinctively crystalline expression is unhindered and the essence of this immense, very personal Pecorino grape shines through. A pure, sincere Metodo Classico, fruit of the finest expression of its extraordinary terroir and of the man who intuited its character and potential. Destined for the connoisseurs who love this style

Scheda tecnica
Sparkling Wine Champenoise method

Tenuta Ulisse Dosaggio Zero is obtained from meticulously selected grapes skillfully obtained in full compliance with the Metodo Classico/Champenoise method

Maturation sur lies:
for an average of 18 months

Dosage at Disgorgement:
No added liqueur d’expédition

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