10vendemmie bianco limited edition


Limited Edition

The best of our grapes, our vines and our terroirs to obtain a dream wine. All the passion and love for our land in a great wine that celebrates 10 fantastic harvests respecting an ancient past. A wonderful fruit and an inimitable territory that create excellence.

Technical Sheet

– The whole grapes are chilled in our exclusive cooling tunnel with immediate
drop in temperature and consequent cold maceration of the skin peels;
– After destemming soft crushing in inert environment.

Part for the wine ages for 12 months in fine french barriques.

Organoleptic evaluation and food pairing
Brilliant straw yellow colour. Delicate, floral nose with a hint of citrus, exotic fruit and sage. Lush, ripe fruit on the palate surrounded by a core of bracing acidity. Rich mineral finish with tropical fruit overtones and a lively acidity at the finish.
Ideal with fish dishes, shellfish, white meat,
Appetizers of international cuisine, risotto, white meats, fish, fresh and creamy cheeses.

Serving temperature
8 / 10 °C