Nonno Antonio’s love and passion for Vino Cotto is lost in the mists of time. Well aware of a tradition to carry on, Nonno Antonio wanted to dedicate himself personally to the preparation of Vino Cotto. He chose the oak wood to be seasoned to feed the fires which slowly reduced the must, obtained from the pressing of the Montepulciano grapes.
Technical Sheet

Cooking of the must over direct heat, adding fresh must, and fermentation in second and third passage oak barrels.
fermentation temperature: 20 ° C

36 months in oak barrels.

Organoleptic evaluation and food pairing
Amber yellow color, complex and elegant nose with hints of raisins, walnut husks, dried figs, carob and licorice. In the mouth it is full, warm, persuasive and with a very long persistence.
Brilliant with extra-mature spicy blue-veined cheese, small cakes and melted dark chocolate, pastries with nuts and with all traditional Abruzzo’s specialities.